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To sell your home, think like a buyer

Curb Appeal!  It’s real!

This is it.  2014 is the year you finally move up to the home you and your family have always wanted.  But first you have to sell your current home.  Where do you start?  Selecting an experienced realtor is always the first step, but there are lots of other things you can do all by yourself.

Start at the curb.

The phrase “curb appeal” has been used so often you may think its just hype, but it isn’t.  If buyers don’t like what they see when they pull up to your door, they may not ever come in.  And if they do, their negative initial perception will likely color everything else they see.  So look to some simple things to improve your home’s curb appeal.  Mow and trim – that’s a given.  Consider power washing your home.  Put fresh mulch in the flower beds.  Consider painting the front door.   Look at your address numbers (perhaps for the first time.)  If they’re worn or outdated, replace them.

Inside, think like a buyer.

Nothing says “go away” like a sea of worn or outdated carpeting.  Take a critical look at yours and replace if necessary.  De-clutter.  Space sells, your family photos and wall mounted butterfly collections do not.  Hide personal items and countertop appliances.  Put them in storage if need be.  Do the same with your favorite chair if it gains you needed floor space.  Chances are your buyer has his own favorite chair.  While you’re storing things, store half your clothes.  Buyers want big, roomy closets and they’ll snoop through yours.  Storing half your duds makes your closets seem twice as big.

Conceal your critters.

Whether or not your buyer is a pet lover nobody likes the aroma of a litter box.  Even the sight of a bowl of dog chow isn’t aesthetically pleasing, so hide these items (and the pets) when you’re showing your home.

Price your home correctly.

Even if you’ve done all the recommended things to make your home look its best, you still aren’t going to sell it if it’s priced unrealistically.  For that, rely on the judgment of your realtor.  At the Ginsburg Group we’ve been putting buyers and sellers together for over 30 years.  We know what the market will bear and how much you can ask for your home and still get a fast sale.  So give us a call at 573-876-2891.  Let us help you make 2014 your big year.


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